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We Are The Real NoR Radio - You All Know And Love

Hello Our Fellow Listeners,

Over the past year NoR Radio has been through some wonderful Changes. Changes that have included, Live Perfomers, Street Parties, Private Party Bookings, Advertising, and a few other things. Well Myself And Sn0wy have more things in store for you. Many Fun things and different areas we haven't thought we would find ourselfs in a year ago..

There are a few things that we thought we would bring to your attention in line with these changes. Our Radio Streams are currently Fully licensed for the Music we play. What that means is we pay a fee to play the music you so love to hear and what we love to provide. With every good thing there are costs that follow. So to offset them costs we have broadened our approach with advertisiing and providing a legal service to other areas of SL.

In doing this we have seemed to ruffle a few feathers along the way as we advertise for Events that reside outside NoR. We like to take a moment and explain, we are not in anyway shape or form trying to destabilize the community of NoR or take players away from it or from any other Venue. We offered the Radio Huds for this prime reason, to allow you the listeners to have the choice to listen to us no matter where you go inside SL or even outside SL. We have a webstie that is under constructions to even allow ya to listen and keep up on the latest events. We are advertising for different venues as they come to us to offset our costs that we do incur. Donations to the station help that immensly but we have a great service to provide for others to enjoy as well.


We do Promote other venues as they do pay a fee for advertising that do use our Licensed Streams and our DJ's. For instance Rastaman, Stella, they don't pay us we pay them yet broadcast on our licensed streams. Parties that occur in other Sims wether they are RP sims or Not, pay a booking Fee to have our staff, The DJ's for them and the use of our Stream wich helps with the licensing fee and other costs assoctiated with providing the service we offer of Entertainment.

Now with the expansion model we have been working off of, we have had some very eager owners of other areas approach us to provide them with the same entertainmet that You all have enjoyed for well over a year and shall continue to do so for how ever long you continue to enjoy it.

NoR Radio DJs just don't DJ for NoR Radio, Some DJ for things outside of NoR.. We have managed to get Some Djs fromOutside of NoR to come to noR and actually Stay and play. We also have Djs that DJ for other Warps associated Sims, and Places not even associated with SL at all. They Dj for other Stations that Are in other areas of SL with the services we do provide adn they are using and paying for the use of our Licensed Streams to be 100% legal.

What does that mean by being legal? You can be sanctioned by agency outside of SL for playing digital recordings without a license and paying the royalties for playingsuch digital works(mp3s). Now we as NoR Radio Staff have started this network of DJs to cover more hour slots wider areas to expand our services for this. NoR Radio is NoR Radio, KoL Radio is KoL Radio, Dinka radio is Dinka radio.. ITS RADIO! Some of Our DJS dual cast on the streams, and say where they are DJing from. It is in No WAY an Attempt to pull anyone away to goto the other areas.. Advertising for Damage INC that maybe in 7 different Sims and stating those locations is just the same as us stating where we are DJing from and nothing more. Notices of Events taking place is what we as RADIO Staff , Entertainment Staff are providing.. WE have HUDS to for you to choose what ya listen too.. who to lisen too.. Listen to your favorite DJ when you want too.. as soe are on at the same time.. you have the means to listen when ya want.

So at this time ya need to be wondering what are these services/entertainment we do offer... Live DJ Bookings Live Performer Bookings Private Parties for any occasion Fully Licensed Streams Multiple Advertsing Means, Air Time Jingles, Webpage Listing, SL Event Promotions, Group Adverisements. Special Booking Fees(for some events)

We do have other Groups that we are in the process of being formed for the uniifciation of all services under one roof.. for the listener to keep up on the events and such.. But we do not know how our listeners feel about it since.. well there is no communictation fromListeners to Radio Managment on that level. WE NEED FEEDBACK!

In Closing We the Managment Thank You for your Support..